To those who protested the Israeli Finance Minister with me, let’s talk

    We gathered in the cold rain to reject Bezalel Smotrich’s violent and anti-democratic rhetoric. Now, let’s build on our shared concern to seek a better future for the region.

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      Those refusing to fight in the Ukraine war should be protected

      and Medea Benjamin
      January 26, 2023

      As Russian men fled after Vladimir Putin’s draft announcement, those choosing not to fight need to be celebrated, not shunned.

        We become the stories we believe in

        January 26, 2023

        On a trip to the ancestral home my family lost during the partition of India and Pakistan, I chose to believe in stories of love and forgiveness, not hate and revenge.

          Taking back the name of Jesus

          January 25, 2023

          Christians must detox from the distorted belief that the name of Jesus has “trump power” over every other way of referring and relating to God.

            The battle for the Book

            January 25, 2023

            The battle is not to take back the name of G-d. It is against the spirits of mischief and deception perpetrated by the doers of evil.