About Waging Nonviolence

Waging Nonviolence is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to providing original reporting and expert analysis of social movements around the world. With a commitment to accuracy, transparency and editorial independence, we examine today’s most crucial issues by shining a light on those who are organizing for just and peaceful solutions.

Through on-the-ground movement coverage and commentary that draws on both history and the latest research, Waging Nonviolence works to advance the public’s understanding of movements and their key role in shaping politics. Our stories inspire readers to realize the powerful agency they possess.

Since our founding in 2009, we have put a special focus on overlooked movements in the Global South, facilitating cross-cultural knowledge and skill-sharing in the process. Our Community platform furthers these efforts by giving grassroots organizations and social movement-focused university programs their own individually-branded page, where they can publish stories about their work with editorial support from WNV editors. This service, which is supported by annual membership dues, adds diverse perspectives to our movement coverage and helps strengthen movement media more broadly.

We publish all of the content on this site free of charge and without any kind of paywall. Unless otherwise noted, everything we publish falls under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, which permits reuse and adaptation with certain provisions. To reuse our content, click on the Creative Commons button at the top of the story you want to republish and follow the instructions provided.